Ragzillo, Art by Michael Ragsdale

My name is Michael Ragsdale and I am an aspiring nature and wildlife photographer from Southwest Missouri. I have a background in illustration and design but have always felt truly at home behind the camera. Being self taught i'm constantly learning and challenging myself to take the most creative shots possible. I set goals for my work, maybe that's locating rare subjects or learning how to take a particular style of shot. I hope my viewers enjoy the shots I capture and am open to critique. Thank you.

Along with Photography I consider myself to be an illustrator as well. I love to use pencil and pen and ink, with a touch of digital tweaking here and there. I tend to focus on ideas and concepts, not perfection; in fact, I love the imperfections of art. My ideas come from things I hear, including in the news and in casual conversations. I strive to keep strong, clever, and funny ideas as the foundation of my art, as I strongly believe bold ideas are what make artwork worth viewing.

Thank you for taking time to check out my art. 

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